Experience Google Cloud at KubeCon EU

Experience Google Cloud
at KubeCon

Monday, April 30 2018 - Friday, May 4, 2018

All You Need to Know

We will be at KubeCon Copenhagen and hope that you can join us.

Discover how Google Cloud can help you transform your business. We’re offering numerous ways for you to connect with us, including industry day sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

We hope to see you at one of our events – visit booth E10 for more information. And follow @GCPcloud for special announcements.

Presentation Sessions

Date Time Session  
May 2 11:10 Completely Securing the Software Supply Chain using Grafeas + in-toto - Lukas Puheringer, NYU & Wendy Dembowski, Google (Any)
May 2 11:10 Introduction to Istio Configuration - Joy Zhang, Google (Beginner)  
May 2 11:55 gRPC Load Balancing on Kubernetes - Jan Tattermusch, Google (Intermediate)  
May 2 11:55 Practical and Useful Latency Analysis using Istio and OpenCenus - Varun Talwar, Stealth Startup & Morgan McLean, Google (Intermediate)  
May 2 14:00 Building Docker Images without Docker - Matt Rickard, Google (Intermediate)  
May 2 14:45 Building Hybrid Clouds with Istio - Allan Naim, Google & Rohit Agarwalla, Cisco (Intermediate)  
May 2 15:40 Grafeas Community Meetup BOF - Wendy Dembowski, Google  
May 2 15:40 Scaling Non-Traditional Contributor Mentoring Initiatives - Paris Pittman, Google (Any)  
May 2 15:40 Performance and Scale @ Istio Service Mesh - Fawad Khaliq, VMware Inc, Laurent Demailly, Google & Surya V Duggirala, IBM (Intermediate)  
May 2 16:25 SIG Autoscaling Intro - Marcin Wielgus, Google, & Solly Ross, Red Hat (Any Skill Level)  
May 2 17:35 Keynote: Google Cloud Announcements - Craig Box, Google  
May 3 09:00 Keynote: Kubernetes Project Update - Aparna Sinha, Aparna Sinha, Group Product Manager, Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine, Google  
May 3 11:10 From PaaS to Kubernetes: Combining the Power of Kubernetes with the Most Innovative Features of PaaS - William Denniss, Google (Beginner)  
May 3 11:10 Building a Go AI with Kubernetes and TensorFlow - Andrew Jackson & Josh Hoak, Google (Beginner)  
May 3 11:55 Write Once, Train & Predict Everywhere: Portable ML Stacks with Kubeflow - Jeremy Lewi, Google & Stephan Fabel, Canonical (Intermediate)  
May 3 11:55 Stories from the Playbook - Tina Zhang, Google (Any)  
May 3 14:00 Kubernetes-style APIs of the Future - Daniel Smith, Google (Any)  
May 3 14:00 Blackholes and Wormholes: Understand and Troubleshoot the “Magic” of Kubernetes Networking - Minhan Xia & Rohit Ramkumar, Google (Intermediate)  
May 3 14:00 Best Practice for Container Security at Scale - Dawn Chen & Zhengyu He, Google (Intermediate)  
May 3 15:50 Multicluster Ingress Powered by Kubernetes Cluster Registry - Greg Harmon & Nikhil Jindal, Google (Advanced)  
May 3 15:50 Panel Discussion: Ask Us Anything: Microservices and Service Mesh - Sven Mawson, moderated by Jason McGee, IBM (Any Skill Level)  
May 3 16:35 Horizontal Pod Autoscaler Reloaded - Scale on Custom Metrics - Maciej Pytel, Google & Solly Ross, Red Hat (Intermediate)  
May 3 16:35 Who Shot the Cluster? - Audit Logging in Kubernetes - Marian Lobur & Mik Vyatskov, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 09:00 Keynote: Kubeflow ML on Kubernetes - David Aronchick, Product Manager, Cloud AI and co-founder of Kubeflow, Google & Vishnu Kannan, Google  
May 4 11:10 Kubernetes as an Abstraction Layer for a Connected Home - Scott Nichols, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 11:10 Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes: Best Practices Today, and Future Directions - David Oppenheimer, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 11:10 Secure Pods - Tim Allclair, Google (Advanced)  
May 4 11:10 Kubernetes Storage Lingo 101 - Saad Ali, Google (Beginner)  
May 4 11:55 Using Kubernetes Local Storage for Scale-Out Storage Services in Production - Michelle Au, Google & Ian Chakeres, Salesforce (Intermediate)  
May 4 11:55 Monitoring: Follow the Data from the Darkest Corners of Kubernetes - Piotr Szczesniak, Google & Frederic Branczyk, CoreOS (Any)  
May 4 14:00 Conquering a Kubeflow Kubernetes Cluster with ksonnet, Ark, and Sonobuoy - Kris Nova, Heptio & David Aronchick, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 14:45 Kubernetes Runtime Security: What Happens if a Container Goes Bad? - Jen Tong & Maya Kaczorowski, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 15:40 Everything you Need to Know about using GPUs with Kubernetes - Rohit Agarwal, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 15:40 Policy-Based Volume Snapshots Management in Kubernetes - Jing Xu & Anthony Yeh, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 16:25 Istio Multi-Cluster Mesh Expansion BOF - Sven Mawson, Google  
May 4 16:25 Convergence of Serverless APIs & Compute - Sarah Allen, Google (Intermediate)  
May 4 16:25 Observing and Troubleshooting your Microservices with Istio - Lin Sun, IBM & Douglas Reid, Google (Beginner)  
May 4 16:25 SIG Autoscaling Deep Dive - Marcin Wielgus, Google, & Solly Ross, Red Hat (Intermediate Skill Level)  

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Join us for an instructor led Kubernetes hands-on workshop. We'll dive deep into Google Kubernetes Engine showing you best practices and advance features so you can make the most of Google Cloud Platform's services.

We’ll host two workshops, one at the Google Copenhagen office, and one at Bella Center.

When: Monday April 30, 9:45am - 4:45pm
Where: Google Copenhagen office, Sankt Petri Passage 5
RSVP: Google Kubernetes Engine Hands-on Workshop

When: Tuesday May 1, 8:45am - 4:15pm
Where: Room C1-M5 (at Bella Center)
RSVP: Google Kubernetes Engine Hands-on Workshop

Google Cloud Lounge

Drop by the Google Cloud Lounge to watch the creation of our KubeCon mural, and hear from Googlers and customers in our panel sessions.

We’ll have new things to show you! Join the teams behind them for a deep-dive at our "Meet the Experts" sessions.

Wednesday, May 2:
Time Session
13:00 Meet the experts: Skaffold
13:00 Ask a Customer Anything: Vente Exclusive
13:30 Meet the experts: Multi-cluster Ingress & Google Cloud Global Networking
13:30 Fireside Chat: Women in Technology, moderated by Maya Kaczorowski
15:20 Ask a Customer Anything: Instruqt
18:30 Meet the Experts: all topics
18:30 Live muralling from Dan Romlein
Thursday, May 3:
Time Session
13:00 Meet the experts: Monitoring
13:00 Ask a Customer Anything: Blendle
13:30 Meet the experts: Security
13:30 Fireside Chat: Google Kubernetes Leaders, moderated by Craig Box
Friday, May 4:
Time Session
13:00 Meet the experts: Kubeflow & Machine Learning
13:00 Ask a Customer Anything: TBA
13:30 Meet the experts: Kubernetes Service Catalog for GCP
13:30 Fireside Chat: TBA

Party with the Community

Come experience the magic of Tivoli Gardens at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 attendee party. Join the Google Cloud crew and mingle with the community for an evening filled with amusement rides, beautiful gardens, and more.

All conference attendees are invited; dinner and drinks provided.

When: Thursday, May 3
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Where: Tivoli Gardens

Digital Event

[Watch on Demand]
Modernizing IT in a Cloud-First World - A global digital conference

Join Google Cloud experts for a free, digital conference with 15+ sessions and trainings on migrating to the cloud, modernizing with containers, and more.

Space is limited - please RSVP

When: Tuesday, March 27 - Wednesday, March 28
Where: Online

Let's Meet

Come meet and connect with Google’s team behind Kubernetes, Engineers, Product Managers, Developer Advocates, and Solution Architects will be on-site to meet with customers and prospects.

If you’d like to connect privately about roadmaps, feature requests, migrations or scale plans with GCP, please share your info and availability at KubeCon and we’ll try to find the right representative.