White Paper:

Cloud as an Innovation Platform in Capital Markets

Google Cloud

Survey Reveals How 19 Firms Acquired Cloud-Based Capabilities for Growth, Performance and Savings

What do capital markets firms have to gain by adopting a cloud-based mentality? Are there best practices and patterns to follow? What technologies are leading the way? What can be learned from the experience of the industry’s top cloud-based innovators?

Google commissioned Aite Group to survey 19 leading capital markets firms to learn how they are adopting cloud, big data analytics, AI and ML to drive growth, performance and savings across front, middle and back offices. The data reveals three distinct stages of maturity:

  • Infrastructure Optimizers: Focusing on migrating specific workloads to save costs.
  • Cautious Strategists: Building on success to develop new ways of saving money and expanding the business.
  • Transformative Innovators: Leveraging the flexibility and agility of a full public cloud operation for industry-changing solutions and top IT talent appeal.

Find out where you stand in the continuum and take the next step. See what these real-world capital markets firms are doing to seize the advantage. Download the white paper today.