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Google Cloud Next in Tel Aviv is over but you can still learn about what’s Next at our upcoming roadshows in Madrid, Amsterdam, Milan, and Tokyo or on our blog. Stay tuned as we add more Next events throughout the year.

May 10


What was once considered impossible is now being rewritten. Innovation is accelerating because of what cloud can already do — it’s now your imagination that will drive what’s next.


Engage with the foremost minds leading the cloud revolution and learn how the modern enterprise is benefiting from the latest in cloud technology in unprecedented ways.


Join our community of visionaries, developers, tech advocates, enterprise partners, and global customers to build for tomorrow. Now has arrived, at Next.

Content tailored to you

Sessions tailored to your interests and focus areas. Choose from dedicated visionary, strategic, technical, and experiential sessions about all things cloud, including:

  • Big Data & Machine Learning

    Learn from the experts about best practice and design patterns for big data and machine learning applications. Hear in-depth discussions on Hadoop, Spark, BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datalab, and Cloud ML.

  • Application Development

    Gain an understanding of GCP’s fully-managed serverless application environments like App Engine, Container Engine, and Firebase. Learn how to extend your applications with APIs from machine learning and explore how to extend your own APIs and services through the Apigee API management platform.

  • Infrastructure & Operations

    See how Google’s compute, networking, storage, and security services reduce costs, while letting you move faster in today’s competitive market. Learn how to build on Google’s infrastructure and explore how cloud services can help you succeed by providing some of the most secure, performant, and environmentally-friendly options for your business.

  • Collaboration & Productivity

    Learn how new G Suite products help you achieve better collaboration across your organization. Explore how Google protects your information and how machine intelligence helps you work smarter.

Meet your hosts

What else is Next?

Engage with our expert partners

Meet our partners and discover the tailored enterprise solutions they are developing to enable your digital transformation.

Explore the latest technology

Immerse yourself and get hands on with the latest cloud technology solutions and partner offerings throughout our demo zones.

Eat, drink, and connect

Network with other like-minded industry colleagues, partners, and Googlers throughout the event.


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