Your Google Cloud Summit Experience in Bengaluru

Choose from dedicated visionary, strategic, technical, and experiential breakout sessions about all things cloud. Get hands-on experience and see Google Cloud technology in action at the Experience Zone.


*Agenda subject to change. Speakers will be announced shortly.

Tuesday, September 26

  1. 8:00AM - 8:45AM
    Registration and Breakfast
  2. 8:45AM - 9:00AM
    Doors Open
  3. 9:00AM - 12:30PM
    Plenary session including Rajan Anandan (Vice President, South East Asia and India, Google), Rick Harshman (Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Google Cloud) and Mohit Pande (Country Manager - India, Google Cloud)
  4. 12:30PM - 1:30PM
    Lunch Break
    Track 1: Imagine
    What was once considered impossible is now being rewritten. Innovation is accelerating because of what cloud can already do — it’s now your imagination that will drive what’s next.
    Track 2: Learn
    Engage with the foremost minds leading the cloud revolution and learn how the modern enterprise is benefiting from the latest in cloud technology in unprecedented ways.
    Track 3: Build
    Join our community of visionaries, developers, tech advocates, enterprise partners, and global customers to build for tomorrow.
  6. 1:30PM - 2:00PM
    Working in a multi-cloud world
    Speaker: Oyvind Roti
    + learn more
    Track 1 - Imagine
    Most enterprises today have already begun their journey to the cloud with multiple cloud service providers across different business areas. This session will cover building a multi-cloud a strategy in order to use best-of-breed technology, avoid lock-in, and maintain business continuity.
    Speaker: Oyvind Roti - Head of Solutions - Japan & APAC, Google Cloud
    "Where should I run my code?" Deciding between Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions
    Speaker: Sri Vidya Annapragada
    + learn more
    Track 2 - Learn
    When you think about running code there are different options these days. The tradeoffs are different when you're working with existing systems as opposed to designing an entirely new system. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers solid support for the full spectrum of compute models. In this track we will help you navigate the tradeoffs and decide which models are the best fit for your systems — whether Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine and/or Cloud Functions
    Speaker: Sri Vidya Annapragada - Program Manager, Google Cloud
    Using Apigee Edge to create and publish APIs that developers love
    Speaker: Prashanth Subrahmanyam
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    Learn how Apigee Edge enables you to craft and publish APIs that developers will adopt rapidly. We'll discuss aspects of a developer-friendly API, including API design best-practices, so that any developer can get productive and find quick success with your API.
    Speaker: Prashanth Subrahmanyam - Solution Architect - India, Apigee
  7. 2:00PM - 2:30PM
    Innovating in the Open Cloud – Running Live. Running Simple
    Speaker: Kaushik Bagchi
    + learn more
    Track 1 - Imagine
    How companies are leveraging the cloud for digital transformation and innovating new edge scenarios to allow the business to continuously adapt and advance.
    Speaker: Kaushik Bagchi - Vice President and Head - Digital Enterprise Platform Group, SAP Indian Subcontinent
    API management for the Multi cloud, micro services world
    Speaker: Gandhi Sampat
    Track 2 - Learn
    Are you ready to futurify?
    Speaker: Hardik Parekh
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    As the world is changing at a rapid pace, businesses have a need to evolve quickly in order to remain relevant. This session explores the impact of some new age technologies such as Google Cloud on various industries. This session demonstrates what is possible through real life examples of solutions and products by going beyond the buzzwords. Let’s Reimagine ‘what’s next’. Redefine the how. Realize the ‘next now’.
    Speaker: Hardik Parekh - CEO, Searce
  8. 2:30PM - 3:00PM
    Explore, Clean, and Prepare your data with Dataprep and Dataflow
    Speaker: Markku Lepisto
    + learn more
    Track 1 - Imagine
    80% of data analysts and scientists time is spent in data preparation, including finding, cleaning and organizing data, and this is also the least favorite part of their job (according to Forbes). Accelerating the data preparation process will help you to gain insights from the data faster. Attend this session to understand the best practices and explore tools for preparing data quickly and easily.
    Speaker: Markku Lepisto - Solutions Architect - Japan & APAC, Google Cloud
    Google Cloud Storage Options. Where Do I Store My Data? Deciding Between Object Storage, NoSQL, and Relational Storage
    Speaker: Kirill Tropin
    Track 2 - Learn
    Writing Infinitely Scalable and High Performance Apps with App Engine & Serverless computing options
    Speaker: Rohit Gupta
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    App Engine provides Google-scale managed infrastructure so you can do what you do best - write code. Come learn about how it can help you host infinitely scalable and high performance apps. We will present a walkthrough of multi-tier architecture, autoscaling, module-independent scaling and more. You will also learn how Datastore and Pub/Sub can make your app hyper-performant.
    Speaker: Rohit Gupta - Solutions Engineer - India, Google Cloud Platform
  9. 3:00PM - 3:30PM
    The Innovation behind Google’s Data Centers
    Speaker: Anish Malhotra
    Track 1 - Imagine
    How to architect a collaborative big data platform
    Speaker: Prakhar Gautam
    + learn more
    Track 2 - Learn
    In this session we will explore what type of teams your company might have and discuss the best way to architect your data platform with various cloud platform tools so everyone has a way to easily access and use the data your company owns.
    Speaker: Prakhar Gautam - Solutions Engineer - India, Google Cloud
    What's new in Kubernetes and Google Container Engine
    Speaker: Craig Box
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    In this session, we will provide an update on the Cloud Native ecosystem, in addition to new features in Kubernetes and the benefits of using Google Container Engine
    Speaker: Craig Box - Advocacy Lead, Google Cloud
  10. 3:30PM - 4:00PM
    ML and AI: from hype to how to
    Speaker: Stuart Fenwick
    + learn more
    Track 1 - Imagine
    There is huge interest in ML and AI, but how do you go about using it in the Enterprise? In this session, we will look at how Google has been successfully deploying large scale ML on services such as Google Photos, Android and Google Search. Also, we will introduce the Google Cloud products such as Cloud Vision API, Speech API and Cloud ML that allow you to take advantage of the power of Google's machine intelligence within your own applications.
    Speaker: Stuart Fenwick - Head of Customer Engineering - Japan & APAC, Google Cloud
    Achieving optimal security and compliance on GCP
    Speaker: Aruna Withane
    + learn more
    Track 2 - Learn
    This session will help you understand how you can partner with Google Cloud to meet your regulatory compliance and data protection needs.
    Speaker: Aruna Withane - APAC Strategic Trust Lead - Data Privacy & Compliance
    Machine learning at scale: TensorFlow in the cloud
    Speaker: Kaz Sato
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    TensorFlow, the open source library for machine learning from Google, has been democratizing the world of machine intelligence since its launch in 2015. With TensorFlow, combined with the scalability of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine, now anyone can leverage deep learning technology cheaply and without much expertise. We will explore three examples of business that have adopted TensorFlow and Cloud ML to solve their real-world problems: a cucumber farmer in Japan who was able to build a deep learning-based cucumber sorter by himself, a used car auction service using TF for classifying car models and parts, and a global insurance company that has been able to increase prediction accuracy significantly on accident cases.
    Speaker: Kaz Sato - Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud
  11. 4:00PM - 4:30PM
    Rethinking end-user computing
    Speaker: Neal French
    Track 1 - Imagine
    IOT Core: Secure Device Connection and Management
    Speaker: Markku Lepisto
    Track 2 - Learn
    Moving your Spark and Hadoop workloads to Google Cloud Platform
    Speaker: Gaurav Anand
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    For those who use popular open source data processing tools like Apache Spark and Hadoop, there can be several steps involved before being able to really focus on the data itself: creating a cluster to use the open source tools, finding a software package to easily install and manage the tools, then finding people to create jobs and applications and to operate, maintain and scale your clusters. In this video, you'll learn how you can use Google Cloud's managed Spark and Hadoop service, Google Cloud Dataproc, to take advantage of your existing investments in Spark and Hadoop. You'll have the opportunity to see how easily your existing data and code can be migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and how within Cloud Dataproc clusters can be right-sized, run ephemerally and cleanly separated to maximize your invested resources.
    Speaker: Gaurav Anand - Solutions Engineer - Asia, Google Cloud
  12. 4:30PM - 5:00PM
    Driving innovation through collaboration: G Suite
    Speaker: Shaista Aliya
    + learn more
    Track 1 - Imagine
    With the growth of mobile and the internet, collaboration has changed, but for many organisations, their processes haven't. Let's take a look at how G Suite enables your teams to collaborate, iterate, and innovate together, from anywhere, in real time.
    Speaker: Shaista Aliya - Solutions Engineer - India, Google Cloud
    Innovating with Google Maps and Cloud
    Speaker: Jolly Ahuja
    + learn more
    Track 2 - Learn
    At Google Maps, we see a lot of of businesses asking real-world questions that they either don’t have answers to, or need to spend heavily on physical infrastructure to answer. This is an area where our understanding of how the world moves can help influence commercial decisions in the physical world. With real-time traffic data, machine learning and predictive analytics to help make planning decisions easier, faster, more accurate and in far less expensive ways.
    Speaker: Jolly Ahuja - Sales Lead - India, Google Maps
    Google Cloud Functions and Firebase
    Speaker: Dushyantsinh Jadeja
    + learn more
    Track 3 - Build
    Firebase’s SDKs make it easier to build successful mobile and web apps, and Firebase and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) work closely together to offer a streamlined mobile developer experience. Learn about our latest collaboration and how to extend Firebase backend services with your own code using Google Cloud Functions.
    Speaker: Dushyantsinh Jadeja - Program Manager - Developer Relations, Google
    • Immerse yourself with the latest cloud technology solutions at our interactive experience zones, where you can get hands-on with machine learning, big query, AI and more.
    • Get coding experience overseen by Google technical experts at Code Labs. These provide guided, hands-on, self-paced tutorials that teach you how to take advantage of the latest Google Cloud products, machine learning APIs, and productivity based applications.

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